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[efaccordion id="01"] [efitems title="Is Antigua and Barbuda part of the Commonwealth?" text="Antigua and Barbuda, an independent British Commonwealth and Caribbean nation, joined the Commonwealth in 1981. The Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda serves as the representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"] [efitems title="How large is Antigua and Barbuda?" text="Antigua is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide for a total of 108 sq miles. Barbuda is 68 sq miles and the uninhabited island of Redonda, a nature preserve, is 0.6 sq miles."] [efitems title="What currency is used in Antigua and Barbuda?" text="The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), but the USD is commonly accepted over the counter at a pegged exchange rate of USD 1.0 to XCD 2.7. Major credit cards are usually accepted."] [efitems title="Of which international organization is Antigua and Barbuda a member?" text="Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Community, Non-Aligned Movement, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Organization of American States, United Nations and World Trade Organization."][efitems title="What is the topography of Antigua and Barbuda? " text="With about 365 beaches in Antigua, further beaches of pink and white sand on Barbuda, coves that were once volcanic craters, and luxuriant palms, the country was an early proponent of sea-and-sun tourism. Antigua is generally composed of low-lying coral and limestone, although Boggy Peak among the volcanic rocks to the west rises to 402m. It has an indented coastline and a good harbour at English Harbour Town. Barbuda is flat with mile-long white sandy beaches and a large lagoon on its west side. Redonda is a tiny rocky island, and is uninhabited."][efitems title="Does Antigua offer a Visa on Arrival Service? " text="Persons travelling to Antigua and Barbuda who would normally require a Visa to enter, may obtain a visa waiver on arrival provided that they hold either a US, UK, Canadian or EU visa or residence permit, at a cost of USD 100 valid for 30 days."][efitems title="Do visitors holding a passport from the People’s Republic of China REQUIRE a visa to enter Antigua?" text="All holders of passports from the People’s Republic of China do not require visas for entering Antigua."][efitems title="Who are some famous investors and residents of Antigua and Barbuda?" text="Famous investors and residents of Antigua and Barbuda include Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Eric Clapton, Giorgio Armani, Silvio Berlusconi, Timothy Dalton, Ken Follett, Sir Vivian Richards and others."][/efaccordion]


[efaccordion id="01"] [efitems title="Who can enjoy the benefits of obtaining citizenship from Antigua and Barbuda?" text="i. Investors who wish to travel the world in both developed and developing countries without worrying about visa requirements ii. Investors who prefer to have an alternative identity to support existing and future business plans around the world iii. Investors who have plans for an overseas listing, which requires a second nationality iv. Investors who wish to benefit from the most encompassing tax incentives for the purpose of wealth and inheritance planning v. Investors with children who wish to gain immediate access to Commonwealth education and future schooling and employment plans in the US and UK vi. Investors who wish to find the most ideal location in terms of weather and environment to retire"] [efitems title="What is the maximum number of applicants allowed with one CIP application?" text="There is no restriction to the number of applicants allowed within one family. Qualified dependents include parents above the age of 65 and children up to the age of 25. Each additional applicant shall pay the required government processing, due diligence and other fees"][efitems title="How can I speed up the process of receiving full approvals and citizenship?" text="It is important to choose a reputable and approved legal representative for the processing of citizenship applications. As the country’s most prominent CIP project, we work very closely with all relevant departments to maximize the efficiency of the process"][efitems title="Will there be an interview with the Government before granting of citizenzhip?" text="No interview is required with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as long as stringent due diligence tests are passed"][efitems title="What is the term duration for the investment for CIP?" text="The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Act 2013 states that the investment must be maintained for at least five years, after which the citizenship becomes permanent"][efitems title="Does an applicant have to give up his original nationality when applying for CIP?" text="Antigua and Barbuda allows for dual citizenship, therefore there is no need to given up the original nationality. The Government will not publish any information about persons acquiring citizenship nor will they inform your present country of citizenship "][efitems title="What is the refund policy if the application is not approved?" text="Except for upfront processing and due diligence fees, the investment amount will be fully refunded if the application is not approved"][efitems title="What measures are in place to protect the real estate asset purchased by the applicant for IP?" text="The Government of Antigua and Barbuda undertakes the most strict measures to ensure developers shall deliver the property as advertised. CIP funds held in government escrow accounts will only be delivered to the developer upon third-party professional checks on the property have been confirmed prior to delivery to applicant What is the concession for reduced government processing fee related to the Antigua and Barbuda "][efitems title="Special Economic Zone?" text="For a very limited time, the Government will charge a flat fee of USD 50,000 in government processing fee for a family of 4 members. In comparison, under normal situation, the corresponding fee would be up to USD 200,000 depending on family composition"][/efaccordion]

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